A Cold Days Work

A few weeks ago one of our LPG certified Gas Safe engineers attended an amazing and unique property in Hertfordshire for a breakdown  on a legacy Keston boiler that we have supported for years. A former windmill, close to the top of a hill, deep in the countryside, the property is, for obvious reasons off of the grid.

Heating Fuel is supplied to the property through a large surface mounted Calor Liquid Petroleum Gas tank.We are part of...

The Year in Summary

What a Difference a Year Makes!


2018 has been a very long and busy year for us here at Greenheat UK, heading into our 10 year anniversary. The year has been one of growth across the entire business. We have taken on additional staff, extra vehicles and upgraded tools across the board to better enable both our Boiler and System engineers to complete the repairs, services and upgrades with more ease. We completed our f...

Testo Case Study – Greenheat UK

Testo Analyser Case Study with Greenheat UK

Greenheat UK and Testo conducted a case study of the Testo 330i Analyser. They have been long term advocates of the exemplary product range and quality that Testo provide to the heating industry. Their engineers use a range of Testo Flue Gas analysers to conduct servicing and commissioning work on gas boilers. The Testo 330i 'Smart' Flue Gas Analyser connects directly to a smartphone or tab...

Summer County Shows

Summer County Shows

Its approaching the season of County Shows and this year Greenheat UK makes its debut on the scene. Some of our staff will be attendance with a brand new custom printed tent across THREE County Shows. These will take all place across the South East counties of England this Summer. Our stand will promote our service...

The Season of Change

The Season of Change

As we enter into the warmer months in the UK the number of boiler replacements that we carry out tends to rise as the number of breakdowns we respond too falls. This is normal as people decrease their use of their central heating systems and to some degree use less hot water (cooler showers etc)  in the warmer Spring and Summer months. Now is the time to cons...

Heat Exchanger

Time lapse heat exchanger

Heat Exchanger Time lapse

The heat exchanger is the largest and most expensive component within your boiler. When the older legacy Keston heat exchangers develop a leak, it can be quite a worry as they are no longer in production. We at Greenheat UK can offer NEW replacement parts for EVERY component within the C-ranges with the exception of the heat exchangers. However we can rebuild leaking heat exchangers, as demonstrated in this ...

Feedback Friday

Fantastic Feedback received last month

We at Greenheat UK love to receive your feedback, whether it reaches us in person, via the phone, or posted straight to Google, through our internal Contact Us page or onto our Facebook page Hearing back from our customers helps us to improve our service, and provides us here behind the scenes vit...

LPG Qualified Engineers

LPG Qualified Engineers

Greenheat UK - LPG Qualified Engineers.

We have within our ranks, LPG qualified engineers, licensed and approved to work on LPG fuelled boilers (Liquid Petroleum Gas). LPG is commonly used in rural areas and properties that are not connected to the National Gas pipelines. We have recently attended two beautiful rural properties where they have requested us to service their legacy Keston boilers. One of these prope...

Heating System upgrade

New EvoCyl 500 litre tank

System work in Sandbanks, Dorset.

We recently returned to a customer at this stunning converted Stonecutters in Sandbanks, Dorset for a heating system upgrade. A few years ago we refurbished the old Keston C40 boiler into a bigger C55 unit. At that time we also added a low loss header unit and zonal heating across the floors.  The multiple zones were controlled by a Delta Dore ...

The Royal High School Bath

The Royal High School Bath.

Our School Project.

In the second week of August a team from Greenheat UK joined a large workforce that descending on the Royal High School Bath for summer holiday refurbishments and repairs. This prestigious girls school, open since 1865, still teaches in some of the original buildings those first cohorts of girls were once in. We were honoured to be awarded the cont...