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Boiler repairs, Servicing or Installations

Proud to be considered the leading manufacturer authorised Keston Boiler repair, servicing and installation company in London and the South East of England. We maintain and repair all current and legacy or retired Keston Boiler models using the largest stock of Keston Boiler spares in the United Kingdom. We offer unrivalled expertise for servicing, repairing and installation of Keston and Ideal Commercial Boilers.

We operate a highly skilled workforce of boiler and system engineers with a combined operational experience on the boiler ranges we suppport of over 150 years. Annual service plans are available to offer peace of mind over your heating and hot water systems and these plans can be customised to suit, particulalry on large commercial installations offering further support and also exempting you from call out charges.

Our workforce includes Domestic and Commercially licensed engineers as well as engineers qualified to work on both Natural Gas and Liquid Petroleum gas installations. We are part of the Calor Gas Installer Community and as such can take you onboard, all the way through your new LPG boiler and supply installation.

Greenheat UK are London's leading manufacturer authorised Keston Boiler Service company for Keston Boiler Repairs and Keston Boiler Breakdowns. We can maintain and repair all current and retired Keston boiler models and carry the largest stock of Keston Boiler Repairs spare parts to ensure a swift resolution to your Keston Boiler Repairs. As well as Keston Boiler Repairs we also offer boiler rebuilding services and a line of renewable heating solutions to augment or replace your existing Keston Boiler installation. If you are in need of immediate assistance for a Keston Boiler Repair please book an appointment.