A Cold Days Work

A few weeks ago one of our LPG certified Gas Safe engineers attended an amazing and unique property in Hertfordshire for a breakdown  on a legacy Keston boiler that we have supported for years. A former windmill, close to the top of a hill, deep in the countryside, the property is, for obvious reasons off of the grid.

Heating Fuel is supplied to the property through a large surface mounted Calor Liquid Petroleum Gas tank.We are part of the Calor Installer community so can take you all the way through your journey whether it is on a new build requiring LPG as  a fuel source, wanting to convert from Oil as your heating fuel or just to upgrade an old tank or change supplier. With the fuel source sorted, we then have on hand a plethora of boiler options from the ranks of both Keston and Ideal Commerical that can be converted to run on the LPG fuel source. Find out more at http://greenheatuk.com/calor-lpg

During the service it was established that the Boiler flue pipe had been damaged as a result of some clumsy building on the roof of the property which had lead to the cracking of the 50mm muPVC flue.

Two of our system engineers, attended the following day, braving freezing cold temperatures and deep snow on the ground and the roof and installed a new exhaust flue from the boiler to the roof over the course of the following day and resecured the flues properly and in a safe manner.

In all, the customer only had  to suffer two days without heating at the coldest point of the year and was extremely pleased to get the boiler back up, recommisioned and running in a safe manner.

A Cold days work
A cold days work

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