I am writing to you  in regards to the COVID-19 coronavirus and the procedures that we have put in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our clients and staff. At the time of writing we have no cases of the virus within the business in any respect.  

Given the continued developments worldwide, I felt it would be appropriate to write to reassure and inform you of the measures we are taking and currently putting in place.  

In all matters, we will continue to operate under the guide lines of the relevant health authorities, in particular the Public Health England Guidance and these involve proportionate and sensible steps being taken. All staff have been reminded of the importance of good hand hygiene in preventing the transmission of this virus and our policies and procedures are being reviewed daily. The current COVID-19 coronavirus policy that you will find attached, has been sent to all staff and they have confirmed that they have read and understood this policy.

Our staff have been issed with nitrile gloves, protective face mnaks, hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial cleaning wipes.

They have been encouraged, and we would encourage you to offer them the opportunity to wash their hands, with soap, upoin entering and exiting your property.

I trust you will see that the measures we have put in place are appropriate and at all times ensuring the safety for our clients, and staff, whilst maintaining an appropriate measure of calm continuity.


I will ensure that I keep you up to date with any change to these protocols.


If you have any queries then please feel free to contact me.

Richard Coulstock

Technical Director

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