Smart Home

Have you heard the expression Smart Home or heard of Smart Technology? Did you know that it has never been easier or cheaper to bring smart technology into your own home? The starting point for most people is a voice controlled home assistant such as the Amazon Echo (aka Alexa) or the Google Assistant. From here however there are now a plethora of devices that can be controlled through your voice, on an app or manually to aid you around the home. This includes thermostats, smart Thermostatic radiator valves, Hot water controls, smart switches to control the operations of devices in your house from pumps to garage doors and everything in between, alarm systems and even surveillance cameras.

The variety of products that can Smart enabled within just a plantroom enviroment is huge and the benefit of these devices is having a greater knowledge of the workings of one of the least visited / accessible parts of one’s home.

Smartplant is brand new concept brought to you by Greenheat UK

We use a wide range of products from companies including Honeywell, Deltadore and Flamco to construct bespoke smart plantroom controls to suit your installation.

Our controls offer you complete piece of mind over your heating and hot water systems, including leak and flood detection and automatic shut off, gas detection and automatic shut off, mains power failure detection, Carbon monoxide leak detection and automatic boiler shut down, remote access viewing of the boilers and plantroom, plantroom intruder detection.