Time lapse heat exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger Time lapse

The heat exchanger is the largest and most expensive component within your boiler. When the older legacy Keston heat exchangers develop a leak, it can be quite a worry as they are no longer in production. We at Greenheat UK can offer NEW replacement parts for EVERY component within the C-ranges with the exception of the heat exchangers.

However we can rebuild leaking heat exchangers, as demonstrated in this sped up video of our engineer James. During this video he removes  the heat exchanger from the boiler case and then removes both ends of the exchanger, before thoroughly cleaning the exterior. The exchanger is then fitted with two new ends complete with new rubber gaskets, new unions and a new heat proof jacket. A change like this whilst expensive, is still a much more economical repair to the boiler and offers it the chance of many more years of life.

It is worth noting, that although there are no new heat exchangers for this legacy range, if you have a boiler with a failed heat exchanger, we are able on occasion to offer one on a loan until we are able to fit you with a new model of Keston boiler. If this is something you are interested in, contact us via our contact page 

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Time lapse heat exchanger
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