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New for 2019 we are pleased to announce that we will shortly be utilising some of the most up to date technology available on the market. We will be using Virtual Reality technology to enable us to conduct immersive surveys of your home more efficiently and accurately. 

Currently, our boiler technicians and system engineers will, when attending to survey your property for prospective works such as a boiler replacements etc, usually record a series of photographs and videos.  They then supply these to our estimating team, who in turn use this information to provide your with an estimate or quotation.

HOWEVER, shortly our engineers / surveyors will have their technology increased to include 180° and 360° video cameras. The use of this technology will allow our estimating team to see all aspects of the system, and all areas of work, and as such, provide the most accurate quotations for the work required. The estimator will be able to view this footage inside a Virtual Reality headset, in effect giving him the opportunity to conduct immersive surveys and effectively giving the office based staff the ability to see through the engineers eyes, as though on site.

It will also allow our compliance officer to view all aspects of health and safety and of the protection requirements for the property to best ensure that your home and our staff stay protected throughout the works.

This footage and this technology will also allow the engineer that is assigned to the work to view the works prior to attending once briefed by the technical team. This will speed up the work on site and allow for a highly thorough job, with the quality carried through to you, our customers.

*The immersive surveys footage would be localised to the areas required to be surveyed for the necessary works and  the immersive surveys virtual reality would be subject to consent granted.

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