Design & Installation 

Greenheat UK are Manufacturer approved for both Keston Boiler Installations and Ideal Commercial Boiler Installations. We have both Boiler and System engineer to enable Boiler Installation, Servicing, Maintenance and Rebuilding of all models of Keston Boilers.

We can design, install and maintain the entire heating system for both Domestic and Commercial applications. This includes Boiler Installation, Controls, Water Storage, Filtration, Pumps, water treatment and specialist and bespoke heating solutions.

Domestic Boiler Range

Greenheat UK are London’s leading manufacturer approved Keston Boiler Service company.

We design, supply and fit boilers from the wide range available from both of our two main supported manufacturers; Keston and Ideal Heating.

We have unrivaled expertise with these manufacturers boiler models, and can maintain and repair all current and legacy Keston boiler models. We carry the largest stock of Keston Boiler spare parts nationally, including almost every part for all the legacy models (K50, K60, K80, K130, K170, K260, K340, C25, C40, C45, C55, C90, C110, 30C, C36, Q28H, Q28S & Q37)

We also offer service contracts to provide an annual servicing and the attendance of engineers to any heating or hot water breakdown.

A domestic boiler annual service contract is available for:

  • £270.00 inc VAT per year paid annually

Annual service contracts are available subject to initial site inspection and T&C’s.

Keston By Ideal Heating

Plant Room and Commercial

frame-header-largeGreenheat UK offer a design, supply and fitting service, tailored to your requirements and offer onward support.

For larger premises and commercial venues, we can supply purpose built heating installations comprised of boiler rigs consisting of multiple boilers, fitted with sophisticated sequencing products to ensure that the boilers run in harmony and achieve optimal performance.

We also supply domestic plant rooms for larger households. With the skills, knowledge and experience of both our boiler and heating technicians no requirement will remain unfulfilled.

No commercial venue is too large. Current customers include the Royal Bath High School, Westminster School, The Horniman Museum, Timeout Magazine and numerous churches across London and the South East.

Using the latest technology we can supply and fit Smart Plant room controls to provide you with complete oversight of your heating and water systems. This can include but isn’t limited to, leak detection and prevention, smoke detection, gas leak detection and prevention, Carbon Monoxide detection and prevention, plant room access detection, remote monitoring of the plant room and elements within the plant room such as boilers, pumps, pressure gauges etc. All of these can provide notification straight to those that need to know and be remotely accessed via a smartphone / tablet application from anywhere in the world.

Smart Plant

We use a wide range of products from companies including Honeywell, Deltadore and Flamco to construct bespoke smart plantroom controls to suit your installation.

Our controls offer you complete piece of mind over your heating and hot water systems, including leak and flood detection and automatic shut off, gas detection and automatic shut off, mains power failure detection, Carbon monoxide leak detection and automatic boiler shut down, remote access viewing of the boilers and plantroom, plantroom intruder detection.

Also coupled into our systems are control of your whole home lighting, and heating controls. Our Smart Plant solutions are delivered in conjunction with the Connected Home Company, utilising their knowledge and expertise on the DeltaDore Tydom infrastructure.

flamco logo
DF Tyxal+


Greenheat UK are partnered with The Connected Home Company. Both companies are accredited Delta Dore Installers and offer the Tydom range of smart controls.

Connectivity enables us to offer flexibility, so that no matter how big or small your property you will have complete control whist at home or away. The partnership with The Connected Home Company enables us to provide to our customers more than just control over their heating, instead opening up the doorway to whole home automation, offering control over lighting, blinds, doors, gates, garages, irrigation, security alarms, door entry and security cameras.

We are also a member of the Drayton 9° Network of Professional Installers and carry the full Wiser series of smart heating controls as well as their traditional product range. Additionally  we keep in stock all Honeywell, Satchwell, Heatmiser and Horsmann products enabling a same day replacement for your existing controls.

Wiser Thermostat
Honeywell CM927
Honeywell Lyric T6R

Ideal Halo

Drayton Wiser

Delta Dore 5100


Storage Solutions

Powertanks-BatchGreenheat UK will find a water storage solution to meet your space limitations.

We understand that every home can have its own annoying drawbacks. Low water pressure on the kitchen tap? No power in your basement shower? We have solutions for these problems including the supply and installation of pumped pressure boosting storage tanks of all shapes and sizes.

We offer repairs to all aspects of your water storage system including:

  • Cold water group mainfolds
  • Temperature relief valves
  • Safety Valves
  • Dual Thermostats
  • Motorized Valves
  • Secondary Bronze Valves
  • Immersion Heaters

We work with and specify both Stainless steel and copper cylinders, on both vented and un-vented systems.

We use Gledhill Water Storage, Joule UK, Heatrae Megaflow, Ariston & Keston amongst many others.

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Hot Water Cylinders

We have a long standing relationship with ThermaQ and they are our cylinder of choice. Available in a massive variety of shapes, sizes and with a massive variety of configurations including Vented and Unvented, Direct, Indirect, Twin Coil, Solar Direct and solar twin coil.

We can source cylinders in slimline, horizontal, and low height, with extra insulation and even pre-plumbed!

Don’t own or fancy an Evocyl? No Problem.

We service, maintain and can install any of the cylinders from any of the biggest manufacturers including Gledhill, Megaflo, Joule and Ariston.

Filtration Products

Corrosion affects all heating, from boilers at home to heavy-duty industrial systems. We stock a range of magnetic filters to put a stop to this, no matter how big the job.To prolong the lifecycle of the elements within your hot water and heating system, our chosen range of filtration products improve water quality, reduce wear and improve fuel efficiency.

All New Keston Combi and System model boilers now come with the option to extend the warranty by a further two years with the addition of a Keston boiler filter. This takes the warranty on the new Keston System and Combi boilers up to 7 Years and 5 years on the Heat range.

Keston By Ideal Heating

Keston Magnetic Filters

Available in 22mm and 28mm variants

The Keston 22mm System Filter is a magnetic filter for use with Keston Combi and System boilers. The compact design is easy to install and fits on horizontal or vertical pipework in both flow directions. When installed with either the System or the Combi boilers the inclusion of the filter increases the warranty on the boilers from 5 to 7 years.

The filter itself has a 10 year warranty and improves boiler efficiency. It is easy to install, fast and easy to clean and Reduces cost of running boiler.


The Keston 28mm System Filter is a magnetic filter for use with Keston Heat boilers. The compact design is easy to install and fits on horizontal or vertical pipework in both flow directions. When installed with a Heat boiler the inclusion of the filter increases the warranty on the boilers from 2 to 5 years.

The filter itself has a 7 year warranty and improves boiler efficiency. It is designed for larger heating systems but is for single boiler installations only, not be used on multiple boiler cascade installations. Quick to install with Rapid fit connectors for faster servicing and a Low profile drain valve designed for easier servicing and dosing, it has a Ultra-thin sheath to enhance magnetic capture and the Bi-directional flow means either port can be an inlet.


In untreated systems, dirt can accumulate in multiple places throughout the system. Studies and practical experience show that magnetite in particular, leads to greatly reduced energy efficiency and therefore higher energy costs. Ensuring quick and efficient dirt removal is essential. IMI Hydronic Engineering offers an extensive range of dirt separators from small brass solutions to heavy duty steel units, especially designed for the removal of dirt.

A good hydraulic balance is highly important for HVAC and process systems with separated circuits or several groups and pumps. The effective removal of air and dirt also contributes towards the achievement of optimum system performance. Hydraulic balancing and air and dirt separation are combined in the Zeparo. The Zeparo can be used for both new build, refurb and projects for refurbish heating, cooling and process systems.

An IMI Hydronic Engineering deaerator should always be installed at the hottest point within a system. In the case of a heating system, for example, this is the point where the water exits the boiler. In the case of a cooling system, it is in the return before the chiller unit. When installed in the correct location a deaerator has the capability to deaerate the entire system as it can make the water absorptive.


The nickel-plated, brass TF1 Omega Filter is small, smart and simple. It fits onto vertical and horizontal pipework at a 45 degree orientation and is simple to install with quality valves or slip socket connection.

High capacity and compact design

Ideal for use in restricted spaces and access areas

Easy to install – fits on horizontal and vertical pipework in both flow directions. The filter can operate at an angle of 45°

Fast and easy to clean without dismantling the unit

Unique action, removes magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants from system water

Easy to fit slip socket with compression fitting and short pipe cut-out length

Will not block or restrict flow

Smart, tough, forged brass construction (no hidden porosity) with nickel plating

Unique manifold with double radial seals and multiple orientation capability

Powerful neodymium magnet assembly with threaded magnet cap

As with all magnetic products, if you have an implanted cardiac device extra caution should be taken at all times when handling any magnetic filter

Available as 22mm and 28mm products


Grundfos Magna PumpGreenheat UK stock pumps to boost your domestic and commercial water pressures.

Our heating and hot water system engineers can supply, install and maintain additional components, such as pumps installed on the system. Pumping systems can be designed and fabricated to your requirements to raise the water pressure to ensure you get the most out of your hot water system.

We work closely alongside the global leaders in Pump technology, Grundfos and carry in stock a widfe variety of their products for various applications. Offering, simple, cost and energy efficient pumps with simplicity and reliability is what the Grundfos name and brand have been built upon.

The MAGNA3 pumps are a range of small, medium and large circulatory pumps fitted with electronically controlled motors based on permanent magnet (PM) and compact stator technology.

The MAGNA3 will then analyse the heating system demands and find the optimal setting. It will then continuously adjust its operation to changes within the system demand. The result is optimal comfort and minimum energy consumption.

The Grundfos MAGNA3 circulator pumps are designed for circulating liquids in the following:

  • Heating systems
  • Air-conditioning and cooling systems
  • Domestic hot-water systems
  • Ground source heat pump systems
  • Solar-heating systems

The ALPHA3 has a built-in two-way communication system, which connects to the intuitive Grundfos GO Remote app. This enables you to easily exchange information between the pump and your smartphone. From the moment the circulator is installed and connected, all pump operation, including setup wizard, can be controlled on your smartphone (iOS and Android). Pump settings can be changed quickly and easily. And you get access to all relevant data, such as flow, pump performance, work log history and weekly running schedules, as well as warnings and alarms. So knowing exactly how the pump runs has never been easier. In addition, you can balance an entire heating system through the GO Balance app, with real-time calculations of the flow required in your radiator and underfloor heating systems. A step-by-step guide takes you through the whole process of hydronic balancing all the home’s radiators and underfloor heating zones.

In addition to Grundfos we also stock the Smith’s EP ES2 circulator pump range. This a highly efficient and extremely powerful pump, yet is small in size and almost silent. It is also backed with a 5 year warranty for added peace of mind. Amongst the features this pump has, it is unique in offering automatic airation – this means the pump will detect and clear air once detected inside the system.

Water Treatment

Greenheat UK stock a full range of Fernox liquid treatment products.

Within our extensive stock holding is the full Fernox range of liquid treatment products to protect heating and hot water systems. The solutions enable our engineers to clean, protect and maintain domestic heating and hot water systems to achieve optimum performance.


We stock and include within quotes, where applicable the full range of products but the two most popular are:

Protector F1 is suitable for use with all metals and materials commonly used in heating systems. For long-term protection ensure concentration levels are maintained and checked annually as part of the boiler or system service.

Cleaner F3 is a heavy duty, pH neutral cleaner which is designed to remove sludge, scale and debris in existing and /or aged systems. It is ideal for use when powerflushing to aid the cleaning process and to restore heating efficiency. In accordance with BS7593:2006 for long term protection the system should be thoroughly cleaned and flushed.

Monarch Scaleout XP

Scaleout XP, is the next best thing to a water softener. It uses an advanced technology and is the only limescale control device to permanently remove and prevent the damage caused by hard water. Whilst it reduces the impact of scale, it is powerful in its performance and protection in removing existing scale and preventing the formation of new scale. The unit is compact and easily installed, uses no electricity and is the only scale inhibitor giving permanent treatment.

With Monarch’s Scaleout XP the quality of the drinking water is not affected. During the limescale prevention process, no minerals or magnesium are removed. It is safe to drink all day, every day.

Scaleout XP is Monarch’s ultimate in permanent scale protection for the whole house and its appliances.

Not all systems are the same.

There is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution to powerflushing.

We are quite unique in that we own all three of the Norstrom Proflush Power flushing units; Proflush Professional Compact, Proflush Professional Magmaster and Proflush Professional Thermal plus the Kamco CF210 for the largest of commercial properties.

Proflush Professional Compact:

Domestic Power flushing.

Systems of up to 30 radiators (3 storeys).


Proflush Professional Magmaster:

Domestic/Commercial Power flushing.

Supplied with 2x 12,000 gauss magnets

Speeds up chemical reaction time

Systems of up to 40 radiators (3 storeys).

Proflush Professional Thermal:

Domestic/Commercial Power flushing.

Heats the machines 50 Litre tank to 65?C in under 35 minutes

Speeds up chemical reaction time

Systems of up to 40 radiators (3 storeys).

Kamco Heating Solutions

Clearflow CF210 – Ideal for:

Commercial/Industrial Power flushing.

Systems of up to 60 radiators.

Commercial/Industrial descaling.

Kamco CF210

If you live in a hard water area, lime scale damage can be a real problem.

  • Hard water affects 60% of the UK.
  • If left untreated, energy efficiency is reduced.
  • Appliances are at risk of hard scale damage.
  • Central heating systems and boilers, showers, taps, washing machines and dishwashers, are all affected and the problems increase as water heats up*.

The CalLytic Mini, Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor used on cold water lines protects pipework, boilers and other hot water appliances against the damaging effects of hard scale.
5 Year Guarantee
No maintenance
Fits 22mm and 15mm pipework
No chemicals
Whole house protection
Protects boiler
Durable nickel plating
Can also be supplied as a compression unit


The energy saving CalSoft M is suitable for all types of plumbing systems. Less salt and water are used as the metered, automatic unit only regenerates when necessary. Easy to operate electronics require little programming – simply adjust the water hardness level if needed. This compact, durable water softener also features a stylish cabinet and hood and removable salt bucket. CalSoft M produces an endless supply of silky soft water, whilst maintaining optimum energy efficiency.

CalDensate is designed to treat the acidic waste produced by condensing boilers. The tough, non-corrosive, in-line unit is quick and easy to fit. There is no need to dig a condensate trap. CalDensate is so versatile; it can be fitted with all makes of condensing boiler – even those that are situated above ground floor level. The acidic waste from condensing boilers (condensate) damages the environment. Dealing responsibly with condensate is easy with CalDensate.


Specialist Heating Solutions

There are many ways to meet heating needs. Whether it is a domestic kitchen or a commercial property such as an office block or a church we can design, supply and install a bespoke, specialist heating solution.

At Greenheat UK we work with a huge number of churches across the South East of England and supply varied heat solutions in addition to their conventional gas boiler usage. Churches are traditionally very difficult to heat quickly and efficiently – this is where multiple heat source techniques come into their own.

We are proud to be working in partnership with one of the leading supplier of domestic and light commercial fan-assisted hydronic heat emitters in Smith’s Environmental Products UK. Using their wide range of excellent heating products we can specifiy heating elements such as:

  • Air Curtains
  • Fan Coils
  • Kickspaces Heaters
  • Radiant Panels
  • Tubular Heating


With any of these products we can fully customize the size, colours and finishes to suit your requirements. If you can imagine it, we can supply it with the help of Smith’s.

Air Curtain Heaters

Fan Coils

Kickspace Heaters

Radiant Panels

Tubular Heaters

Convector Heaters

flamco logo


Compact and totally enclosed digital pressurisation units with electronic pressure transducer and user-friendly microprocessor for use on sealed system in order to provide a minimum system pressure requirement.
Available in single or twin pump configuration.

The Flexfiller is a floor standing, high flow rate (<18 l/min) top-up pressurisation unit with 18 litre break tank, For system volumes up to 300,000 litres. Service reminder option (12 months). Pump pulse option (2 second pulse if inactive for 60 days). Flood protection options.

Commercial. Industrial. Residential.

Flexfiller Mini Digital

Compact and totally enclosed digital pressurisation units with electronic pressure transducer and user-friendly microprocessor for use on sealed system in order to provide a minimum system pressure requirement.
Available in single or twin pump configuration.

The Flexfiller Mini Digital is a narrow wall mounted, low flow rate (0.4 l/min) top-up pressurisation unit with 2 litre break tank. Ideal for large residential or small commercial application. For use on heating systems utilising a 300 litre expansion vessel or less, or chilled systems utilising a 50 litre expansion vessel or less.

Commercial. Industrial. Residential.

Flexbalance EcoPlus C

The FlexBalance EcoPlus C allows hydraulic separation between the primary and secondary circuits of commercial heating and cooling systems with air and dirt separation.

No more overloaded pumps.

Improved accurate regulation of the system.

Considerably improved heat transfer.

Higher output by the system.

Intergration of air and dirt separation.


Heat transfer level of 99%.

Low flow resistance.

Flexcon 110 – 1000

For sealed heating installations (acc. to EN12828) and chilled water (cooling) installations.
When the temperature in the installation rises, the system water will expand. The ‘expansion water’ is stored temporarily in the expansion vessel to keep the pressure in the installation at the correct level.

We believe Flamco offer the best expansion vessels thanks to their groundbreaking technology. Extremely low permeability of the diaphragm ensures that pre-charge pressure is maintained for a long time. The flexible diaphragms with rolling action are preformed and, in contrast to a bag type bladder, prevent stretching so that their properties are preserved over the long term. 

The unique clench ring construction clamps the diaphragm between the two vessel halves. This not only ensures a perfect seal but also prevents mechanical damage of the diaphragm during use (load distribution over the entire clamping area and not at 1 suspension point). The gas side is filled with nitrogen, and not with air, so that corrosion is prevented and the pressure loss is even more limited.

Flamcovent Clean Smart F – 16.0 bar

Optimum air and dirt separation combined with energy efficiency.
For use in sealed heating and cooling systems.
Air and dirt separators protect the boilers, pumps and fittings from damage caused by the deposit of dirt particles, increase comfort and improve the yield. Air and dirt separators also offer benefits in the event of application in old systems or when an open system is converted to a closed system.

Increases comfort and yield.Prevents deposit of dirt particles in the boiler.The removal of air and dirt from the system water extends the service life of pumps, control equipment and other system accessories.
The new steel Flamcovent Clean Smart air and dirt separators remove even the tiniest microbubbles and minuscule dirt particles from the system water. The Flamco Clean Smart performs 60% better than conventional air and dirt separators whilst the flow resistance has been reduced to a negligible level.

With flanged connection according to EN 1092-1 PN16.