Keston Boiler Servicing and Repairs

We are proud to call ourselves the home of Keston boilers. With over 125 years of combined engineering experience on Keston boilers we offer installation, breakdown repairs and boiler servicing. We work closely alongside Ideal and Keston and are regarded by the manufacturer as specialists on their products. We offer an annual Keston boiler service, maintenance contracts  and respond to boiler breakdowns and emergencies.

We carry the largest stock of Keston Boiler spares in the UK, which includes almost EVERY part for EVERY Keston legacy boiler and all available spare parts for the new range of boilers. Do not be fooled by other companies. There ARE parts available, they just are not available to them. There is a huge difference. You may not need a new boiler, when its just a small part that we have  available in abundance.

We operate with both boiler and system engineers which allows us to address both boiler and heating system repairs. In addition to Keston spares we also stock a huge amount of heating systems parts such as thermostats, valves, pumps, pipe, pressure vessels etc which enables us to repair your heating system faster, and get your heating and hot water back on again.

In the event of a breakdown do not hesitate to contact our bookings department on 0207 607 0999 or use the appointment form.

Breakdown Spares

We have the largest stock of Keston boiler spares across the entire range including deleted models in the UK sold only on a Supply and Installation basis.

Keston Boiler Service Contracts

Annual (12 month) Keston boiler service contracts are available across the entire range of Keston boilers pending an initial site survey and service.

Priced from £252.00 inc VAT per year (charged annually).


A boiler rebuild is often a more cost effective and certainly a more immediate alternative to a boiler replacement. Rebuilds can be completed in as little as 4 hours by our specialist boiler engineers and are always subject to initial site survey.


Reaching the end of the line with your Legacy Keston boiler? No longer see the benefit in bookinmg a Keston boiler service? Want to take preemptive action to replace an old boiler with a new, more energy efficient model from  the Keston range?

If your boiler has broken down, ask us when booking the call and our engineer can conduct a survey whilst on site. If there are no current issues , then why not send in pictures of the current boiler and associated pipework for us to view and prepare a quotation for you? If we have any further requirements we will advise you and if necessary conduct a site visit. Photographs we require are:

  • The boiler, including a photo showing the location of the boiler within the room etc.
  • Pictures of the pipework beneath and around the boiler.
  • Pictures of the rest of the heating system around the boiler (expansion vessels, pumps, valves etc).
  • Pictures of the flues as they exit the boiler.
  • Pictures of the flues as they exit the premises.
  • Pictures to show the run of the flue through the property as best as you can demonstrate (or a small sketch or both!)

It is often possible to upgrade the boiler without having to upgrade the flue, providing that the original installation was was of the correct design and material. The flues are always subject to site survey.

We can also carry out heat efficiency surveys on your property to identify heat loss and, pending a suitability assessment supply and install the latest in smart heating and hot water control products.


We can issue gas safety certificates to both residential and commercial properties. This can be incorporated alongside an annual service contract on any Keston boiler, or Ideal Commercial, Vokera Commercial or Atag Commercial.


We operate two office based teams consisting of bookings and technical support. The opening hours for our offices are 8am until 6pm, however bookings staff are only available between 9am and 5pm.

Our booking team will always try to book a call out at the most convenient time for you. We operate two bookings slots of:

9am – 1pm and 12pm – 5pm.

Following a booking for servicing you will receive instructions via email or text message. These must be adhered to. If the boiler is left on and is too hot we will not be able to complete the service and you are liable to be charged for the call out.

We have System and Boiler specialists and will always attempt to ensure you are sent the correct engineer for the task required. This can often mean work being split over 2 or more visits. All of our engineers are Gas Safe registered and specially trained on Keston boilers with many years of experience operating on the entire range. They have also been trained on the Deltadore heating control product range.

Legacy Keston Boilers

We have unrivaled expertise with legacy Keston boilers, and can maintain and repair them all with our substantial stock of Keston Boiler spare parts nationally, including almost every part for all the legacy models.

K50, K60, K80, K130, K170, K260 & K340.

C25, C40, C45, C55, C90 & C110.

30C & C36.

Q28H, Q28S & Q37.

Book your Keston Boiler service for your legacy model boiler by clicking HERE

Keston K170
Keston K range
K260 Boiler
Keston C25
Keston C40
Keston C55
Keston C90
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