The Royal High School Bath.

The Royal High School Bath

Our School Project.

In the second week of August a team from Greenheat UK joined a large workforce that descending on the Royal High School Bath for summer holiday refurbishments and repairs.

This prestigious girls school, open since 1865, still teaches in some of the original buildings those first cohorts of girls were once in. We were honoured to be awarded the contract to look after and maintain their Keston heating systems.

On site were a total of FOUR plant rooms. Within these was a total of SIXTEEN Keston boilers. These were responsible for heating the entire school and all of its facilities. We were requested to refurbish and rebuild the boilers. This was requested of us, rather than replacement as part of a longer term plan for the schools heating system.

The boilers were a mix of legacy C55 and C110 boilers. Using our vast stock holding all of these were serviced and restored to a good operating condition ahead of the new term. Our engineers worked fast and in rebuilt all 16 boilers in just two days. System engineers stayed behind for a further week to complete final system repairs.

We hope to work with the Royal High School Bath for future phases of development.

The Royal High School Bath.

Greenheat Engineers on site servicing the Keston boilers.

The Royal High School Bath.

A bank of 3 x Keston C110 units in one of the plantrooms

The Royal High School Bath.

Another bank of Keston C110’s this time in the swimming pool boiler room.

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