LPG Qualified Engineers

LPG Qualified Engineers

Greenheat UK – LPG Qualified Engineers.

We have within our ranks, LPG qualified engineers, licensed and approved to work on LPG fuelled boilers (Liquid Petroleum Gas). LPG is commonly used in rural areas and properties that are not connected to the National Gas pipelines.

We have recently attended two beautiful rural properties where they have requested us to service their legacy Keston boilers.

One of these properties, just outside of Winchester, was fitted with a legacy Keston C55P. We serviced it and found it to be in a great condition. It only requiring a new fan unit to get it back to running at peak performance. Had the service not being requested and the fan had completely seized, far more damage could have been done. Always seek a regular boiler service as in the long run it saves you money.

Keston C55P LPG Boiler

Keston C55P LPG Boiler

The other LPG boiler we have recently visited was at this amazing English Heritage owned historic building, recently converted into eight large apartments. We conducted a service a few weeks ago but found faults on the initial installation that indicated damage may have been done. Shortly after we got the boiler running again, these faults became apparent. Next week a Brand New Keston LPG System 30 boiler will be being fitted in place of the existing damaged Keston C40P unit.

Keston LPG System 30

A new Keston LPG System 30 will be installed here, in one of the apartments shortly

Not all engineers are qualified to do all types of gas work – so when considering an engineer, always be sure to check out their ID card beforehand. You can conduct a search here.

LPG Qualified

Our Technical Services Director is LPG Qualified.

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