“Newly installed Keston System 30”

Greenheat UK offers new boiler installations and system upgrades.

Engineers from Greenheat UK recently attended a block of flats in the centre of London, and designed and installed a new Keston System 30 boiler. This was to replace the discontinued Keston series K80 boiler circa 1995!

Keston was the perfect fit for this job with its twin flue system. The newer boiler also offers a distinct upgrade through improved output and is more efficient in its use of gas. Check out the specifications in their respective manuals if you like:



We are fitting more new boilers than ever at the moment as people seek upgrades on inefficient and discontinued models. Advancements in technology in past years can help improve all aspects of your heating system. Just ask your Greenheat UK engineer during your next boiler service.

Contact us if you have a discontinued Keston boiler model that you are finding increasingly difficult to find spare parts to repair at http://greenheatuk.com/contact.

We carry a huge stock of spare parts for Keston boilers, so always hope to be able to get your boiler and running again. However when comes time to make the decision to upgrade, we can take care of designing and installing a replacement system.

Greenheat UK

The newly installed Keston System 30 boiler.

The newly installed Keston System 30 boiler.

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