Commercial Twin C55 boiler service

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Commercial Boiler Servicing at St. Nicholas Church, Pevensey

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t just cover London. We cover Boiler servicing and repairs for both Domestic and Commercial Keston boiler installations across the entire South East of England.

One of our new annual service customers is the beautiful 13th Century St. Nicholas Church in Pevensey. This church just celebrated its 800th anniversary last year. This parish church has remained in constant use as a place of worship for the past nine centuries. St Nicolas’ is the oldest building in Pevensey still in use for its original purpose. Only the castle is older, and it’s a long time since that was last used as a fortress.

It is the job of Greenheat UK Limited to make sure that the heat stays on to keep the congregation comfortable when the temperature drops inside this stunning old building and ensure years more of worship can continue here.

We offer annual routine maintenance and servicing plans and the church recently took us on in this capacity. Whilst on site our engineer carried out thermal imaging scans on the boilers to check the integrity of the heat exchangers and how efficiently the flues were operating.

The system comprised of two legacy Keston C55 boilers. These are old, but that doesn’t make them useless. The boilers were serviced and the system checked over resulted in the identification that secondary condense traps were required and pipework modifications also required on the boiler returns. To improve the efficiency of the two boilers a dual boiler sequencer was also recommended. Boiler sequencing helps spread the load across multiple boilers and increase efficiency over the course of each boilers lifetime.

Commercial Twin C55 boiler service

St. Nicholas Church, Pevensey

Thermal image scans of both heat exchangers








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