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Verve i50

The Verve i50 is Vokèra by Riello’s high power condensing system boiler. The Verve i50 has domestic boiler characteristics including familiar heat engine and electronic regulation, making installation simple for domestic installers wishing to expand their scope of work into larger homes or small commercial premises.

With compact dimensions and a relatively low lift weight the Verve i50 is an ideal solution where space is an issue. The user friendly interface provides a high number of settings, its ability to utilise both Natural Gas and LPG, and flexible flue options make it an ideal choice for an installer.

It is a high power 47kW condensing wall hung boiler that can be cascaded up to 200kW and is supplied with a 5 year warranty and with excellent efficiency and emission ratings.


CondexaPRO 500 series

The CondexaPRO 500 series provides a wall hung and floor standing solution for large commercial premises.

With a range consisting of 50kw master, 70kw master, 100kw master and 100kw slave, their heat units can work both as stand alone or in cascade applications utilising slave models. They feature either one heat exchanger (50kw) or two heat exchangers (70kw & 100kw). The Master and slave combination can be used to cascade upwards to 3MW.

This range is suitable for both new buildings and as a replacement on existing systems; for instance old non-efficient floor-standing boilers, and offer the highest efficiency at any time combined with maximum piece of mind. With sophisticated multi-zone heating control and monitoring, the inclusion of the CondexaPRO series can negate the need for a BMS panel in some cases.

The CondexaPRO is Vokèra by Riello’s range of condensing light commercial boilers. Unlike many systems on the market, the CondexaPRO has been designed to provide water to three different circuits at different temperatures, either supplied as direct take off’s or via a header system utilizing controls as required.

The CondexaPRO is often the solution of choice for: hotels, offices and large domestic properties supplying domestic hot water, high temperature heating (radiators) and low temperature heating (underfloor).

It comes with a FIVE year warranty and comes in both Natural Gas (NG) and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) variants.

CondexaPRO Box 500

The CondexaPRO 500 Box are fully modulating condensing boilers pre-built floor-standing cabinet, fully tested plug and play solution, which can be cascaded up to 3MW, offering both indoor and outdoor applications.

In addition to the features and benefits of the CondexaPRO 500 wall hung and cascade, the CondexaPRO 500 Box also benefits from the following:
  • Internal flue header
  • Internal hydraulic header
  • Internal gas pipe
  • Internal shunt pumps
  • Up to 200kW per unit
  • Built-in controls
  • Linear or back-to-back configurations
  • Ease of servicing
  • Factory tested

CondexaPRO Box 1000


The CondexaPRO 1000 Box is a pre-built floor-standing cabinet. Fully tested plug and play solution which can be cascaded up to 6.9MW, offering both indoor and outdoor solutions.

The aim of the 1000 series is to increease the ouput options of CondexaPRO Box units, increasing the power ‘density’. i.e the power for each square cm occupied by the heat unitand as a consequence, by the Box. This is obtained by coupling the patented Cuprosteel corrugated helical tube with a more traditional pipe.

While the 500 series heat exchanger is a single coil of Cupasteel, the 1000 series heat exchanger has two pipes working in parallel, the section before the refractory brick. The outer pipe is the corrugated Cuprosteel, the inner one is pentagonal and smooth. The two pipes are hydraulically connected by means of the upper ad lower caps of the heat exchanger assembly that works as a real hydraulic manifold.



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