Ideal Evomax 60kW – 150kW

The Ideal Commercial Evomax range offers a broad spread of power options with several key features that enables ease of installation, maintenance and operation.

The lightweight design is supported through quality build and aesthetics that allow for the boiler to be installed either on the wall or into a prefabricated floor mounted frame including back-to-back options.

Available in outputs of 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 150 kW, the Evomax is designed to ensure all installation requirements can be achieved. With outputs as low as 30 kW and as high as 150 kW, the Evomax offers more to suit your specific requirements. There is also an LPG Evomax range from 30 – 80 kW for off mains installations.

Optional frame and header kits offer in-line andback-to-back cascade options of up to 6 boilers, with a combined capacity of up to 600 kW and provide the option of mounting boilers away from the wall for multiple installations that deliver a higher output.

Supported by a 5 year parts and labour warranty*, the Evomax is a reliable and efficient wall hung solution. The quality of this product range has been developed through meticulous design, careful component selection and proving, leading to reliability and longevity.

The range provides high efficiencies for low running costs with up to 110% part load and seasonal efficiency up to 97%.

*Evomax 5 year warranty subject to Terms and Conditions

Ideal Evo-S 50kW – 135kW

The Ideal Commercial Evo S is available in outputs of 50, 70, 95, 115 and 135kW. The EVO S combines the latest steel heat exchanger technology with straightforward installationm and maintenance.

EVO S can be installed either on the wall or into a prefabricated floor mounted frame, always with at least a low loss header as part of the system. Optional low height frame and header kits offer cascade options of up to 4 boilers with a combined capacity of up to 540 kW.

Additionally, 50, 70 and 95kW models can be easily configured to run on LPG for off mains installations.

Supported by a 5 year parts and labour warranty*, with a high 5:1 turndown, up to 108.9% net efficiency (fully condensing), simple controls interface with large backlit display including integrated sequence control and a stainless steel heat exchanger. The unit is compact, one width and height for easy siting and NOx <40mg/kWh (Class 6). The unit MUST be installed with a low loss header and low height frame and header kits are available (under 2.2m to top of flue header).

*Evo S 5 year warranty subject to Terms and Conditions


Ideal Boiler Rigs / Cascade

Boiler Frame and Header Kits

The Frame and Header Kits are suitable for modular (cascade) boiler installations, and are available up to a maximum output of 600kW for the Evomax boilers, in both in-line and back-to-back arrangements.

In-Line Kits

Kits include flow & return headers with mixing header and gas header, all with fixing brackets. For easy connection flexible stainless steel pipe and connections are supplied together with pressure relief valves, boiler shut off valves and drain cock. Appropriately sized ErP modulating shunt pumps are also included. Flow, return and low loss headers together with the flexible boiler connections are all pre insulated. Separate single boiler frame kits are available for use with in-line kits if required.

Back to Back Kits

Kits include all the in-line contents plus the required special frame kits for such compact installations. Both types of kit are available for the following number of boilers and sizes. Mixing header kits and modulating pump kits are also available separately.




Ideal Imax Xtra 80kW – 280kW

Available in 6 different power outputs, Imax Xtra offers a great solution for those looking for a floor standing boiler.
Its compact size, with a small footprint and ability to fit through standard doorways, makes it a front runner for installations in tight spaces.

Coming with BMS operation, aluminium silicon alloy heat exchanger and a 2 year warranty as standard, Imax Xtra makes a lot of sense for a light commercial installation. It’s also efficient, offering up to 107.5% net efficiency (fully condensing).