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ATAG XL Commercial Boiler

The ATAG XL Commercial boilers range from 65kW – 960kW output. There are three types of boiler modules available

  • XL70,
  • XL110
  • XL140.

Boiler modules can be installed In Line, Back to Back, Wall Mounted or Free Standing.

Modules can be installed as a single boiler or linked together up to an eight boiler cascade arrangement and can be assembled in the minimum time, providing maximum output with the minimum emission, minimum foot print and lowest lifetime costs.

Built using the highest quality components to ensure maximum durability and product life, the XL can achieve a 99.3% gross efficiency. It is the most efficient boiler with the lowest lifetime costs. With class leading efficiencies validated by Gastec at 110.3%, XL boilers can theoretically recover 99.3 pence for £1 of gas used. The high efficiency of the boiler also greatly reduces the amount of flue gas emissions ie, CO2 and NOx. The XL boiler also achieves the maximum BREEAM points for low NOx with emissions of less the 30mg/kWh across the range.

Quick and simple to install with multiple boiler sizes and configurations possible, they are perfect for a wide range of plant rooms, especially where space is at a premium. The XL boilers are equipped with connections for both flue gas and air inlet (parallel tubes) which allows both open and room sealed arrangements.

The XL comes with a 5 year parts and labour warranty as standard.

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